Truffle Beef Cheek Roti Pie available at Farro for a limited time only

When Sabatino Tartufi showed up at La Cigale market one Saturday, it didn't take long for us to go over and sample some of their products. We walked away with some Black Truffle Paté. The following week, whilst we assembling our Thai Beef Cheek Roti Pies, we trialled the two together.

One of the rarest foods in the world, truffles are a special funghi often referred to as "diamonds of the earth" and "gems of the kitchen". Our Beef Cheek is rich and flavoursome and now thanks to the addition of truffle, it's a whole new level of decadence. Only available for a limited time only you can get your hands on a Truffle Beef Cheek Roti Pie at Farro Fresh (Constellation, Epsom, Grey Lynn & Lunn Ave only), La Cigale and Clevedon Village Farmers Market.

Birds eye view of truffle and beef cheek truffle pie on a circular chopping board on a dark green background