About us

They say true love is wanting the best for someone. They were probably talking about love for a human, but for us, it’s about love for a pie.

We love them. Which is why we want them to be the very best they can be. 

Like everyone, lockdown had us bored and visiting the fridge countless times a day. Often our cravings would lead to pies, but too often this would then lead to disappointment. Whether it was stodgy pastry, or average filling, this food we loved just wasn’t reaching its full potential.

So we started making our own. We made a butter chicken filling and saw we had some roti in the freezer so used that instead of pastry. It worked. The chewy, crispy, light, style of flatbread that India nailed hundreds of years ago became the ultimate pie pastry.

After countless nights cooking pies, and exhaustive testing with shockingly honest flatmates and friends, Roti Bros was ready.

Auckland’s food scene is super diverse and we love being able to combine two seemingly separate things into something so delicious. Something so...right. Roti Paratha pairs beautifully with so many different flavours from Indian, Thai and Malaysian cuisine - it means our potential flavour combos are endless.

All our Roti Pies are hand made. We have a love for roti, a love for pies, a love for South East Asian and Indian cuisine, and just delicious food in general. Here are some of the awesome people we work with:

  • Surti – working with the Surti team, together we've developed a delicious Butter Chicken and Vegetarian Panang recipe for our Roti Pies. Family-owned Surti have been making tasty samosas for the last 15 years. You can snap these up in Farro or Countdown! 

  • Paper Plane – "nothing brings people together like good food" is proudly displayed on their website and we couldn't agree more. With our recipe and their experience, we've developed a delicious Thai Beef Roti Pie. They're also big on giving back, supporting Akshaya Patra, the worlds’ largest NGO school meal program providing food to school children in India.
  • Soung Yueen – the final piece to the puzzle, our importer of roti paratha!  Soung Yueen are a renowned Asian foods importer with a vast experience supplying many food outlets in New Zealand.

Varun, Logan & Ollie standing in store

From left to right: Varun, Logan and Ollie, Roti Bros.