Pies made with roti paratha

Enjoy every bite.

How we came to be

Lockdown had us walking to and from the fridge countless times a day. Boredom plus hunger led to creation. And what better thing to play with than the classic pie? We made a butter chicken filling and saw we had frozen roti paratha in the freezer and so used that instead of pastry. It worked. Very well, actually. 

After countless nights of experimentation and taste tests with shockingly honest mates, Roti Bros was official. Since then, we’ve been working with some of Auckland’s best flavour experts to bring you full-of-flavour pies that deliver. 


Enjoy, Roti Bros.


I honestly reckon this is the best butter chicken pie in NZ


The Thai Beef Cheek had complexity in flavour and the chunky bits of beef straight up melted in my mouth.

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