Cassia Mixed Pack Roti Pies

Anyone who's dined at Cassia, knows how amazing this establishment is. Which is why we knew a collab with their At Home Range would make for a memorable Roti Pie experience. Sid and Chand Sahrawat, Chef and Owners, fell in love with the concept after they tasted their first Roti Pie at the Clevedon Farmers Market.

The first limited edition flavour, a Paneer Makhani Roti Pie, uses Cassia's At Home Makhani with a Roti Bros twist. The second limited edition flavour, Cauliflower Korma Roti Pie, is modelled off their Cauliflower Korma dish with half cut almonds and the addition of kumara for that touch of sweetness.

Cassia Paneer Makhani Roti Pie – fenugreek leaves on top and contains gluten, milk, soybeans and tree nuts. 

Cassia Cauliflower Korma Roti Pie – cumin seeds on top and contains gluten, soybeans and tree nuts.

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2 images with top image showing cauliflower korma roti pie cut open and stacked on top of one another. Bottom image hands reaching to tear open paneer makhani roti pie from plate.