Heating instructions

There's a few ways to heat your Roti Pies. 

All the time in the world: chilled or frozen
1. Preheat the oven to 150º
2. Cook for 25 mins from chilled or 35 mins from frozen
3. It's that easy!

Short on time: from chilled only
1. Heat on high in the microwave for 90 seconds
2. Finish on a warm pan medium-high heat to crispen the roti to perfection 🤌

For the experts:
From chilled you can heat low and slow in a pan with the lid on. The effect of the pan/BBQ plate adds a beautiful smokiness. After all, it was always intended to be cooked on a pan.

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Vege Panang and Butter Chicken Roti Pie sitting in oven with light on

Farro Fresh

Frozen 2 Packs found in the frozen section at all Farro Fresh Supermarkets.

Hot Roti Bros Pies found in all Farros Deli Section Pie Warmers.

Reach out to your local supermarket and ask if they can stock Roti Bros Pies.

Farro Fresh